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Annette Fürhoff

Annette Fürhoff became Junior Partner on 1.1.2002 and took over Scandinavian & German clients.
She took over 50% of the business on 1.1.2006.


Ferda Warnecke

Ferda Warnecke became Junior Partner on 1.1.1992 and took over more and more the export business to Turkey & Israel. She took over 50% of the business on 1.1.2006.



The ladies together with their senior consultant and former owner Jens-Peter Cohrs.


Sibylle Niemann

Sibylle Niemann became Junior Partner on 1.1.1992 and took care of our Scandinavian clients. The Partnership ended on 31.12.1996.


Jens-Peter Cohrs

Jens-Peter Cohrs bought the business from Liselotte on 01.05.1985. He brought forward the business to a modern organization. After 20 years he handed over the business to Mrs. Fürhoff and Mrs. Warnecke and remains as senior consultant.


Waldemar Delbanco

Waldemar Delbanco, Ferdinands son took over the business and went on with his wife Liselotte and made the business survive World War II and the Nazis.


Ferdinand Delbanco

Ferdinand Delbanco, son of a Danish lawyer, founded the Delbanco export bookshop on October 1,1887 after he was sent for a recreative curement to the Lüneburger Heide. His familys contacts in Copenhagen made him sell his first German book to the Danish Royal Library in 1888.

The Export business was founded.