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Why make it complicated when it’s easy with us?

Knowing about our customers’ needs we have taken up the „Institutional-Single-Ebook-Challenge”!

Do you know the publishers‘ terms or which ebook is available from which publisher or platform?

We do!

We handle not only institutional e-collections or e-packages from publishers – that’s easy…

Particularly, we specialise on fulfilling orders for:

  • Institutional, Perpetual Single Ebooks
  • Pick and Choose
  • directly from Publishers or, as official vendor, from Ebook Central (Ebrary, EBL, MyiLibrary)

All available ebooks are listed in our 1.4 million large Ebook Catalogue.


Ebooks from Publishers

We have long-term and close relationships to publishers worldwide.

Considering the requirements for you as library, we have established a network of publishers who sell institutional single ebooks with unlimited access.

You can download an always up-to-date and detailed list including all publisher terms & conditions, discounts, restrictions as well as other regulations.

In order to get started we just need the following information from you:

  • IP range, number of FTE & contact name and email
  • Any Preferences or special requirements

Once the order has been placed, you’ll get one email including all important access information from us: access link, ISBN, title, your order ref, your budget code, etc.


We make sure that access actually has been activated.

Ebooks through Proquest – Ebook Central (Ebrary, EBL, MyiLibrary)

A service agreement needs to be concluded with Proquest which permits Delbanco to handle your ebook orders. If that has been set up we place any Ebrary / Ebook Central order directly on your account so that the ebook is instantly accessible for you.

Ways of ordering

We accept orders by EDI, via Punch-out Solution, through our website, by email, fax, phone, or mail.

Of course, it is also possible to place an order for not-yet-published ebooks.


Order Monitoring

You can track your access information online, view your invoices and send us any kind of comments through our easy-to-use communication tool.

You decide your invoice frequency e.g by title, budget code or monthly.

In any case, you only have one channel for all your ebooks orders and invoices.

We are here to make your work life easier.

Too good to be true? Our long-term customers have already proved it!

Interested and Curious? Send us your trial orders!

You order – we do the rest at our very best!