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We handle any kind of print or electronic titles in various languages and all subjects.

Not only titles  from the major Publishers, but also from minor Societies and Associations worldwide.

This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Journals
  • Newspapers
  • Monographic series
  • Loose-leaves
  • Yearbooks
  • Other irregular publications

We offer:

  • Direct Delivery
  • Consolidated Service
  • Print and Electronic Formats
  • E-Access Licensing Agreements
  • Online Cardex with Expectation Dates
  • Sophisticated & Automated Claiming System
  • Bulk Invoices
  • Personal and Long-Term Contacts
  • Back Issue Order Service

Our large database stores all your orders. Regardless when they were placed, if they were delivered or if they are still outstanding.

You can check the status of your orders online and send us any kind of comments through our easy-to-use communication tool.

It is never too late to claim… throughout the years we have developed an excellent claiming system to ensure your subscriptions are always complete.  With our claiming system, missing items will be detected right away with perfect timing, therefore, if an item should be missing, we will be able to retrieve it quickly and efficiently.

Additionally, you can view content of packing lists as well as print & download your invoices.

We keep track of all published Volumes & Issues as well as all placed orders – regardless which year they have been placed with us. Our online cardex provides an easy overview of the publication frequency.

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