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Tradition, Experience,
Knowledge and Innovation

Do you know what happened in 1887?

Oscar Wilde published his first short story Sir Arthur Conan Doyle introduced Sherlock Holmes & Dr. Watson and F. Delbanco International Books and Journals was founded

What are we known for?

… We supply the knowledge to broaden your horizon…

… with Electronic, Print and Digital Products in all subjects and languages from publishers, distributors and aggregators all around the globe as well as Out of Print & Hard-to-Obtain titles.


How do we do it?

... Jules Verne wrote: “In 80 days around the world” …

… let us take you on our journey:

We start in Lüneburg, Germany where our office is based and the multilingual Delbanco team handles your orders and responds to all your needs on a personal, individual basis supported by a self-developed and sophisticated software.
Our experience and knowledge has made it possible to innovate our unique Online Catalogue with +30 million books and e-books in all subjects and various languages.   We support you to streamline your workflow in order to serve not only your needs but also those of your users.

Let’s head on to all other countries in Europe followed by all continents from where we order from Publishers, Societies, Associations and Aggregators to fulfill your wishes.

Coming home we think 80 days is a long time for a single journey. However, not long enough for us…. we seek long-term relationships to our clients and have served many of them for several decades.


You send the order … and we take care!

Would you like to meet us?
Let’s get to know each other!

Woman Power – at Delbanco this is quite natural!

Working together for more than 20 years has formed an excellent partnership based on reliability, sincerity and trust.

Anyone can supply print and ebooks …                                                 … but we make the difference!

• We listen

• We are precise

• We are reliable

You don’t like Call Centers….?
Then you are right with us because Delbanco is personal!


We focus on the essentials!

We offer:

  • Print & ebook catalogue with +30 Mio. titles
  • Tailored print & ebook service
  • Successful out of print service
  • World-wide supplier network

We are multilingual
You can contact us in
the following languages:

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Senior Key Account Managers

Ferda Warnecke

Annette Fürhoff

Management Assistant

Cindy Denecke

Book Purchase Department (Print & Online / Ebooks)

Cindy Denecke

Dilara Çakır

Ananya Banashankarappa

Anja Essler

Magdalena Adam

Susanne Vahl

Anne-Kathrin Janßen

Book Sales Department (Print & Online / Ebooks)

Paola Taliercio

Andrea Schlüter

Nadine James

Tim Jendrik Götzie

Journals / Serials Department (Print & Online)

Bettina Brüns

Andrea Wick

Antje Bronsert

Accounting Department

Eliane Muñoz Navarro

Receipt / Dispatch Department

Dirk Lantz

Rüdiger Schneider

Jens Siewert

IT Department

Phillipp Cohrs